Yooda YAK


The Yooda Yak is the best selling Yooda paramotor. It features an impressive layout that breaks down quickly for travel. It has a seamless frame construction made out of aluminum with quick lock snap buttons. A great design for the all-around paramotor pilot.

Super simple layout with only 2 connection elements to the external ring

- Seamless Frame Construction (no welding)

- Aluminium frame: high quality aeronautical materials

- Quick Lock-in / Lock-out with snap buttons

- Fast and simple cage assembly and disassembly

- Medium/Low suspension hang point (swing arms)

- Compact layout and simple engine fitting

- MLS (Multipoint Link System): new type of link adjustable suspension system

- FFT  (Floating Frame Technology): simple legs layout and passive safety impact protection


Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 48 in