MacPara Muse 5 (EN-A)


MacPara’s efforts have resulted in the creation of a glider of the EN-A category, which excels in performance and glide ratio, which are only achievable with gliders of higher categories. In addition, these performances are associated with simplicity, stability and passive safety. Muse 5 is a comfortable glider of the sport -performance category offering great XC potential.

Lightweight gliders are becoming standard nowadays, which is why the Muse 5 is designed as a semi-light glider. The smallest size weighs 4.60 kg. The canopy is aerodynamically very clean thanks to the different 3D shaping of the panels and the leading edge. Mini-ribs on the trailing edge, the shape of the stabilizers and the narrow riser's straps help to reduce resistance and increase performance. Canopy shaping, 50 panels, geometry, diagonal system and line system - everything was optimized to give the right canopy stiffness, providing stability and pleasant; comfortable flight in active air and exceptional glide at higher speeds.

Of course, the construction of the glider is not only about weight, but also about durability and lifetime. The Muse 5 is made of proven Skytex materials. Skytex 32 Hard finish for all profiles and diagonal ribs. Skytex 38 Universal is used for upper surface and LE of lower surface. Skytex 32 Universal is used for bottom main surface. The gallery lines and main lines are made of Edelrid's Aramid / Kevlar material, brake lines are made of Edelrid's Dynema. The risers are made of narrow Kevlar / Polyester webbing and are equipped with high quality Harken ball bearing pulleys. For clarity, the lines are color-coded in the rows.

Muse 5 is a top glider designed for recreational and performance pilots looking for the highest level of safety. Muse 5 is certified in the EN-A category and flight tests have confirmed the extraordinary degree of flight stability. Its flight characteristics and stability provide comfort on board, while excellent performance reveals the possibility of achieving a new personal maximum.

Finally, the most difficult part. How to choose the right size and choose the color design? Regarding the color; you must decide according to your own preferences, but with the choice of size you can ask your instructor. The MUSE 5 is available in sizes 22, 25, 27, 29, 31, 34. These sizes cover the weight range from 55 kg up to 142 kg.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 12 in