MacPara Magus (EN-D)


The MAGUS is a modern two-liner glider, for experienced and skilled pilots. When designing gliders, the priority for R&D team was maximum performance combined with comfort on board. Although the MAGUS is the cutting edge glider with high aspect ratio, we are convinced the MAGUS will delight the pilot with this philosophy

The MAGUS delivers excellent performance through the whole speed range. The penetration against the wind is exceptional. Like by Eden 7 the leading edge of the MAGUS is using negative shaping and is combined with RFE system on panels (additional rod reinforcement in center of panel). This technology is eliminating leading edge deformations at high speeds and  provide extra performance and helps to overall stability. The benefit of this technology is increased glide and higher stability in accelerated flight.

The handling is direct and agile with efficient climb ability. (see the recommended weight range). The climbing performance and „sniffing ability“ for more lift will put smile on your face.  The canopy is neither too stiff nor does it move too much. It is well balanced and gives nice feedback to the pilot. When flying accelerated the control over rear-risers is easy with low forces.

AR 7, optimized attachment points, 86 cells, clean leading edge, positive and negative 3D shaping, RFE system, special system for different accelerator travel of central and external parts of the wing, lightweight construction.

The materials on the MAGUS is a mix of  Skytex tissues from  Porcher Sport.  Light materials are combined with heavier materials for higher durability. These lightweight and high performance materials require care and caution on the ground.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 12 in