Dudek Warp 2


Warp 2 is a sport-performance wing only for experienced pilots. It is the perfect tool for classic competitions and PPG cruising flying: robust, maneuverable, fast and efficient. Warp 2 is currently one of the fastest PPG wings in the world. Cover longer distances by flying faster and more efficiently!

During take-off, the wing requires less attention from the pilot than in the previous version.
The wing willingly rises above the pilot's head during take-off and efficiently takes him into the air even at the maximum take-off weight, also at considerable altitudes above sea level (tests were carried out, among others, at an altitude of 1100 m).

The controls are pleasant and precise, especially in the upper take-off weight range. The progression of the required pull force of the wheelhouses helps to avoid too large an angle of attack. In longer flights, control comfort is provided by the TST system, which is even necessary at maximum flight speeds. Its use does not affect the self-final properties of the wing profile. The maneuverability of the new Warp is impeccable, just like in the previous version.

During flight, the body of the wing is solid and stable, does not show a tendency to lateral oscillation. The self-made profile guarantees safety over the entire speed range, even at small angles of attack, while ensuring a high top speed, much higher than in Warp 1. Higher speed and lower fuel consumption allow for increased range during the flight.