Dudek Universal 1.1 (EN-B)


Universal is the world’s first EN B class free flying wing that can be effectively transformed into a full-blooded paramotor wing (meeting DGAC standards).

Universal is designed for beginners and recreational flying pilots:

  • only freely (who want to enjoy the benefits of moderate self-stability)
  • mostly freely, sometimes with a drive
  • both motorized and free
  • mostly motorized, sometimes freely
  • only with a drive (who will appreciate better economy, easier start and more pleasant steering than in typical paramotor wings, such as Synthesis2)

Note to instructors Universal is great for PPG training.

Once the trimmers are activated and the ALC+ Universal 1.1 controls are installed, it becomes a fully self-propelled drive wing with good economy, on which you can fly recreationally and cruising, use thermals, but also learn to fly with the engine from scratch.

Universal 1.1 is a refreshed version of its predecessor, with improved carrier straps and redesigned colors in the palette of four elements. We replaced the Dominico fabric with Porcher and changed the colors of the lines (according to PMA standards). We have modernized the tooling of carrier tapes, simplifying their construction, making them clearer and more convenient to use. The basic parameters of the wing have not changed.