Dudek Solo


Solo is a coherent, stable and load-bearing structure. All parameters are selected so as to maintain the right proportions of passive safety, performance, as well as ease and precision of control. Solo will meet the expectations of pilots flying with recreational and cruising drive (including beginners). It provides safety at the level of typical category B wings.


During the Solo start, it fills up and gets up very well, without the tendency to lag behind or overtake. The start takes place on a short section, at low speed. The use of boot assist tapes is usually not necessary. We recommend starting with the trimmers fully drawn.


Solo is stable and load-bearing. It looks good at moderate speeds, but when you need to accelerate, it efficiently rushes forward. Self-stability elements and Shark Nose ensure safety, while volatile properties and light control give the possibility of effective use of the carry.

Variable profile geometry adjustable by trimmers allows you to adjust the profile to the current flight state and precisely control the flight speed.

Solo uses a dual control system. The main wheelhouses work similarly to the classic wing and can be used in the full trimmer range. Small TST handles are mainly used in accelerated flight (open trimmers). Such a system makes it easier for the pilot to control and increases the efficiency of cornering without putting much effort into it.

In turbulence, the wing behaves predictably and confidently, and dampens lateral and front-rear swings well.


When approaching the landing, it is enough to pull the wheelhouses relatively small to significantly reduce the speed and land gently.