Dudek Nucleon 4


Nucleon 4 was designed for intermediate pilots who have already solidly mastered the art of flying on supreme wings and know their specific features. One of them is the unique stability in turbulence, and the only condition for ensuring this legendary self-imposed safety is to ‘press the gas’, i.e. let go of the trimmers and wheelhouses with the optional accelerator press, which can be used in any trimmer configuration.

In the Nucleon 4 we used a new aerodynamic profile. The construction is made with Flexi Edge (FET) technology, which provides better aerodynamics and stiffness of the leading edge. In addition, we use double reinforcements (LE2R) between the targets. Stiffening cores and other reinforcements together with the specific shape of the leading edge (Shark Nose) ensure that high pressure inside the wing is maintained in the full speed range.

Improved mechanisms of the carrier straps make them intuitive to use, allow you to use the speed system in the entire range of trimmers, comfortably correct the direction of flight with the 2D/TST system and extinguish the refresher effect with the automatic TEA system.

Properly selected progression of the alternative 2D control system allows you to drive the wing confidently and effortlessly, which is especially important at higher flight speeds.

Nucleon 4 does not have a Power Attack system, nor is it possible to mount it.