Dudek DriftAir


DriftAir is a safe wing for well-trained pilots who are looking for active recreation or moderate sports flying. DriftAir is ideal for flying in multi-wing formations, where dynamic maneuvers and spectacular acceleration are required. It is also a solid tool for overcoming space. With its maneuverability, it will be perfect for slalom competitions or ordinary spinning for pleasure.

It takes off impeccably, gently and smoothly rising upwards. It does not lag behind even with trimmers set in a free position and in windless conditions. In flight, it is stable, intuitively controllable, maneuverable and effectively load-bearing.

Self-stability DirftAir is slightly variable depending on the trimmers setting, and the speed system can be safely used throughout the trimmers' operating range. When passing through wearing or turbulence, the wing only slightly changes its position above the pilot's head, and thus does not require his constant intervention.

An unusually wide range of DriftAir sizes – up to 7! – will allow each pilot to precisely select the weight range.